Accurate Bookkeeping Services, Inc. provides small and medium sized businesses with bookkeeping services on an outsourced basis.

By retaining Accurate Bookkeeping Services, Inc. you save money because:

Your bookkeeper does not take up valuable office space, or have to be trained on new software.·

You convert the fixed expense of a bookkeeper to a variable expense. No payroll taxes; no employee benefits; no office overhead; You pay for the services that you need, when you need them period!

Accurate Bookkeeping Services, Inc. can even provide you with secure, password-protected Internet access to your accounting records.· You have the freedom to access your company’s books from where and when you choose--from home, your office, a job site, or while traveling.

Accurate Bookkeeping Services, Inc. can interface with banks, on-line billing, and credit card services, to analyze and record your financial transactions as they are generated.· This authorization is the same as any brick-and-mortar company where certain employees like accountants, lawyers, and engineers have limited access to specific confidential information.· Of course if you choose not to use our interface feature, you can simply e-mail, scan or fax your financial documents such as bills, invoices, checks, bank statements, credit card statements, customers' payments, etc.

We will prepare collection letters for you to sign and send to your customers, and we will make sure your bills are paid on-time, but no earlier than necessary.

Accurate Bookkeeping Services, Inc. can function as your part time CFO.

Contact us for expert QuickBooks accounting setup of your business, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statements, payroll and many other accounting functions.